Nature provides a wonderful resource for materials used for all types of landscapes and we carefully hand-select what nature provides and offer it to our customers. Lowcountry Dirt and Landscape Material has the highest grade and cleanest product at an unmatched price.

You are welcome to look around at other companies for products and price, but our goal has always been to give the BEST, at the very BEST price. How can you go wrong? We buy the best and sell the best. We buy the largest quanities and the savings are passed down to you.

Lowcountry Dirt and Landscape Materials, Inc has been providing quality products in various quanties that our customers require for their home or business. We will assist you in the measurments, depths and yards for your project, as well of which material would work the best.


We have bales and bales of clean pine straw..We can deliver as much as you need for any size property. Pine Straw is a popular landscape mulching material that is clean and attractive in appearance. It helps provide favorable growing conditions and stimultates healthy plant development. Pine Straw is one of the most widely used mulches for all size projects, ranging from residential flower beds to industrial complexes and highway landscapes.

WE HAVE SOD.. A LOT OF IT!! This is the best selection of SOD found in the lowcountry and we can deliver it whenever you want it scheduled. So give us a call.
DELIVERY: No matter where you are in the lowcountry or tri-county of South Carolina, we are always willing and able to deliver the BEST products to you.

57 Black Slag

789 Black Slag

789 Granite

57 Limestone

789 Limestone

57 Granite

River Rock

River Rock

789 Brick Chips

57 Brick Chips



Red Mulch

Brown Mulch

Natural Mulch


Pine Bark

Black Mulch

Red Mulch

Brown Mulch

Brown Mulch

Natural Mulch
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